DjaoDjin builds the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product

User and Organization Profiles

  • 225K+ users registered
  • 200K+ profiles created
(does not include Open Source self-hosted deployments)

Enterprise-ready features

  • Frictionless registration
  • Email verification
  • Welcome email
  • Temporarly disable registration
  • Registered user notification
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • API keys Authentication
  • JSON Web Token Authentication (JWT)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication code (MFA)
  • CSRF-proctected Cookie-based sessions
  • Email-based password reset
Account profiles
  • Profile picture
  • Standard default profile data fields
  • Application-specific custom profile data
  • Profile updated notification
  • Delete profile (GDPR compliance)
  With DjaoDjin, you have enterprise-ready features as


  • $600,000+ of Stripe payments processed
(only includes credit card processing through managed hosting)

Enterprise-ready features

  • Shopping cart customized for subscription purchases
  • Redeem discount at any point
  • Option to pay multiple periods in advance
  • HTML, Email and PDF charge receipts
  • Balance due notification
  • Billing history
  • Active and past subscriptions
  • Unsubscribe-now option
  • Monthly and yearly plans
  • Renewal notification
  • Expirations notification
  • Engagement with product features
  • Daily active users
  • Recently active users
  • Subscription plans
  • Discounts
  • Active and churned subscribers
  • New, churn and total sales
  • New, churn and total customers
  • Income, backlog and receivables balances
  With DjaoDjin, you have enterprise-ready features as

Access Control

  • 6.7M authenticated sessions / month
(managed hosting monthly average)

Enterprise-ready features

Landing pages
  • Homepage
  • Pricing page
  • Contact-us form
  • Terms-of-use page
Access Control
  • Role-based access control
  • Subscription-based access control
  • Accept terms of use
  • Mutiple roles on a profile
  • Multiple organization profiles per user
  • Invite and accept role on a profile (double opt-in)
  • Request and grant role on a profile (double opt-in)
  • Session debugging tools
Error pages
  • 40x Permission denied, not found, etc.
  • 50x server error (Ooops)
  With DjaoDjin, you have enterprise-ready features as

Whether it is SASB or GDPR, DjaoDjin is proud to power many microsites at the forefront of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies.

Thank you.




A1Ceus provides infection control training required by law for healthcare professionals.


The Sustainability Project

The Sustainability Project

TSP is the platform of choice for Energy utilities accross North America to drive environmental sustainability initiatives amongst their supply network.




SphereMail provides virtual offices to businesses and individuals. Learn from the entrepreneur in his own words »

We know how challenging it can be to run a Software-as-a-Service in production.

With DjaoDjin managed hosting services, you can be at ease knowing professional system reliability engineers (SREs) are watching your back. And, when you need help, you will always be able to speak with a human being.

Do you need professional services to integrate, customize, or develop your product?

We partner with many certified software development agencies. So there is always someone to help.

What does DjaoDjin mean?
"Djao" is a salutation word in Northern Thai that translates to welcome. "Djin" refers to a spirit inhabiting trees, lakes and mountains in Africa. DjaoDjin is the Welcome Spirit. Learn About Our Values »