The DjaoDjin team provides professional services to build your product on the DjaoDjin platform and integrate it with a subscription-based session manager.

Following the DjaoDjin guidelines, a project timeline goes as follow:

1. Towards an Initial Quote

Either in person around a cup of coffee, or on the Internet by emails and video chats, we discuss together your needs, aspirations and decide if the DjaoDjin team would be a good fit for your project. For any questions, please, feel free to contact us.

Our skills and interests include:

  • Python/Django Coding
  • Software Security
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Distributed Systems
  • Long-term sustainable businesses


The notes gathered during our discussions are formalized into a Quote. This document will go through multiple iterations until you and the DjaoDjin Team sign on the price and deliverables.

A Quote is structured in 5 sections:

  • Introduction: Objective and Contact Information
  • Process and timeline Expectations (boilerplate)
  • Budget
  • Deliverable Dates
  • Use Case Scenarios

Download a Sample Quote.

2. Towards a Minimum Viable Product

The web application is developed and deployed in two phases. First there is a one-time bring-up phase of a functional product on the web. The cost of the bring-up phase is fixed, payable half up front and half at sign-off.

Sign off

A Sign off document officially closes the bring up phase. The sign off validates that all use case scenarios in the Quote were implemented and tested.

Sign off contains:

  • Completion of Use Case Scenarios
  • Coverage Report
  • Miscellaneous Notes
  • Physical CD with code and database dump

Changes to the use case scenarios that were negotiated during the bring-up phase are added as miscellaneous notes to the sign off. The DjaoDjin team hands you off a physical CD with the source code and database dump at the time of sign off for backup purposes.

Download a Sample Sign Off.

3. Long-term Support Agreement


After sign-off, the monthly maintenance charge for hosting, security and backup, either on a mallspace or streetside plan is due every month as long as the product is live on the DjaoDjin platform.

Agile development retainer

After sign-off, a (renewable) retainer can be paid for incremental changes to the product. Updates are are recorded and charged on a hourly basis, taken out of the retainer.

The Djaodjin Team aligns its incentive to the success of its clients so the time to investigate and fix 500 errors that pop-up live in production are never charged.

At the end of each month covered by the long-term support agreement, the DjaoDjin Team will send you a statement for the hours taken out of the retainer for development work.

Download a Sample Statement.

Looking to learn more about DjaoDjin professional services? For any questions, please, feel free to contact us.