Our team has more than 10 years on experience building Software-as-Service products in various markets at different price points. For the past 5 years, we have commercially supported independent micro-SaaS entrepreneurs with emphasis on:

  • OpenSource productivity in delivering Software-as-a-Service
  • OpenEducation around hosting platforms
  • OpenSpace building together concrete useful solutions

Company profile (PDF) Sample customer use case (PDF)

What does DjaoDjin mean?
"Djao" is a salutation word in Northern Thai that translates to welcome. "Djin" refers to a spirit inhabiting trees, lakes and mountains in Africa. DjaoDjin literally spells the "Welcome Spirit".


Open source because it enables to build businesses faster and cheaper. Of course, putting it all together and keeping things running is no small feat. That is what the DjaoDjin Team does day-in day-out.

When you are looking for professional services on top of the DjaoDjin platform, please let us know »


Innovative entrepreneurs always benefit from a social space to hang out together. Whether you happen to stop by Agadir (Morocco), Chang-Mai (Thailand), Lille (France) or San Francisco (USA), come sit down with the DjaoDjin Team and have fun building your membership business with us.


It only takes a computer, an Internet connection and an itch of curiosity to become a talented coder. The DjaoDjin Team is dedicated to distributed self-starter teams. You will get a chance to impress us and join our team wherever you happen to be born or live Today.

These are our Operational Guidelines. Whenever we can, we use Open Source technologies. The work you will do will be published publicly. Follow our current Open Source projects on GitHub ».

Eager to join a meaningful Open Source company? Want to apply? Easy. Just contact us on linkedin or directly and let's start the conversation. The choice is yours.