Increasing Your Web Site's Selling Value

by Mark Stansberry on Thu, 27 May 2021

Today many developers are investing their time in increasing a web site’s selling value. This differs a little from increasing a web sites revenue, but not its revenue potential.

Most web sites today are out of date and do not feature everything that is needed to compete in lucrative vertical SaaS market segments like agricultural, environmental, and social governance, and healthcare markets. Looking over web sites on the open market, one is highly likely to find web sites with lots of vertical specific market content, decent traffic, but overall, no great revenue to speak of. Furthermore, the owner of the web site might just not be interested in maintaining it anymore.

These are great web site acquisition targets. And one reason is the content. Converting a content only web site to a high valued vertical SaaS company just requires a technology makeover. For example, an agricultural news sight can be readily converted to several different SaaS sights. Adding a social network module to instantly converts the site to an agriculture social media site. Adding an IoT sensor interface then turns it into a ready-to-go vertical farming monitoring and care site. Adding a few learning management software modules turns it into an agricultural course-as-a-platform site.

One of the emerging markets post-pandemic is remote high schools. What does this have to do with increasing web site value? Acquiring a few content-rich education sites, may make it easy to create a very marketable private remote high school web site. To get some ideas, here is a list of the top 100 remote high schools in the United States.

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by Mark Stansberry on Thu, 27 May 2021

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