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by Sebastien Mirolo on Fri, 6 Jun 2014

To wrap up, we recently came across some articles providing very insightful angles to running a SaaS business.

The first two posts focus on understanding the role of cash flow in a subscription business: A Surprisingly Powerful Mechanism For Growing A SaaS Startup Understanding SaaS: Why the Pundits Have It Wrong, and Understanding the Economics of the Dropbox Pricing Model.

Of course, acquiring and retaining customers is also key to running a sucessful SaaS business. This article from Forbes offers some useful insight in that area: Feeding Your Funnel The Wrong Leads Can Make Your SaaS Business Sick.

Mentioned many times before, David Skok's articles are a must-read for anyone starting a SaaS business.

Lastly, most SaaS business rely heavily on a Cloud infrastructure. Nonetheless, it is useful to stay grounded sometimes, and it’s always good to hear an alternative view. This last article is a pointed criticism of the subscription economy: The Subscription Economy Is Sending Me To The Poorhouse. Enjoy!

by Sebastien Mirolo on Fri, 6 Jun 2014

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