DjaoDjin prices will increase Dec 1st 2019

by Sebastien Mirolo on Mon, 4 Nov 2019

The whole DjaoDjin team wants to thank you for the trust you placed in us to manage the nuts and bolts of your online product.

While you focus on what makes your business special, we have kept your product available on the Web 24/7 in an evolving regulatory environment (GDPR, CCPA). In that time we have also steadily release new features that improves your bottom line, including:

In that time as well, the major resource our team relies on, a regular black coffee at the local store, went from $1.50 to $2.10 a cup.

We are doubling down our efforts to provide you with the most versatile solution to run a Software-as-a-Service business, reflected by the API docs, as well as ready-to-use pricing, checkout and dashboard pages.

In order to keep innovating and provide you with the best possible service, we are introducing DjaoDjin price increases, effective Dec 1st 2019:

Starter 100k HTTP requests/month$119/month
Indie1 Million HTTP requests/month$249/month
Builder (New)2 Million HTTP requests/month$299/month

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

by Sebastien Mirolo on Mon, 4 Nov 2019

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